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  • If you need assistance in finding out about your Burra relatives or have questions about an aspect of Burra's history, contact the Research Officer at Burra Library or the Burra History Group.

  • If you would like to have your Burra family ancestors included in the Family History Research portion of the website or if you have any other questions relating to the website, contact the Burra History Group Website Designer, Rosemary Ros.

  • If you would like to join the Burra History Group, contact the Burra History Group.  The group meets on the second Thursday of each month at 3 Quarry Street, Burra.

  • If you are planning to visit to Burra and would like help in researching family or local history, please let us know.  You can make an appointment by phoning either Eric Fuss on (08) 8892-2597 or Meredith Satchell on (08) 8892-2210 or by emailing the Burra History Group.

We look forward to hearing from you!


For those of you wondering what the Burra Library Research Officer does and what she can do for you, here is a bit of information to demystify the role.

Shirley Thamm is the research officer at Burra Library and amongst other things, provides an outstanding service writing to people with answers to research queries.  When Shirley answers researchers' questions she uses an extensive set of resources which she has at her disposal.  These include the district registrations of original births, deaths and marriages, the Burra Record, school records, church records, family and local  histories. 

Aside from helping people with their research, Shirley also gathers articles from the Burra Record (Burra's original - now defunct - local newspaper),  for the current local newspaper, the Burra Broadcaster.  These articles are published weekly. 

Shirley's latest project is writing down entries from microfilm of the Assessment Records so that later they can be presented on this web site.  Needless to say, the Burra History Group is certainly appreciative of Shirley's great efforts in making Burra' history more accessible to everyone!

Note: there is a minimum charge of $10 per research query.



Over time, we have come across photos that leave us perplexed or find that we do not have all the information that we would like to have, to help make this website as comprehensive as possible.  That's where we hope YOU can help!

Please have a look below at what has been causing us to do some "head scratching" and if you think you can help, please send an e-mail to either the Burra History Groupl or the Burra History Group Website Designer, Rosemary Ros.

With your help, we hope some of our "mysteries" can be solved!


Photo 1 - Burra Methodist Ladies' Bible Class

Photo 2 - Unknown Group

Photo 3 - Unknown Group of Men

Photo 4 - Whitehart

Photo 1 - Burra Methodist Ladies' Bible Class

This photo is of the Burra Methodist Ladies' Bible Class (c.1880) at Princess Royal homestead.

The ladies present are said to have been as follows, but we don’t know which names go with which figures.


  • Emily Preece
  • Lucy Richardson
  • Alice Preece
  • Edith Richardson
  • Mary An Tiver
  • Julia Richardson
  • Emma Tiver
  • Katie Giles
  • Emily Tiver
  • Sarah Giles
  • Annie Reed
  • Fanny Howes
  • Lizzie Reed
  • Mary Williams
  • Annie Lowe
  • Martha Williams
  • Nellie Lowe
  • Emmile Rabbich (Mrs J.W.A. Fuss)
  • Johanna Bartholomaeus
  • Mrs Finch nee Pinch
  • Hettie Bartholomaeus
  • Mrs J. Thomas nee Pinch
  • Mrs Jim Tiver nee Ridgway
  •  Bertha Fuss (Mrs H. S Rumball)
  • Elvina Fuss (Winnie: Mrs W.B. Greenwood)


(Others on the list are likely to be maiden names of married women)

If you can identify any of the ladies in question, we would greatly appreciate your assistance! 


Photo 2 - Unknown Group

The only lady we know in this group is Edith Pearce.  She is seated in the second seat on the third row from the bottom - in front of the lady in the second row who is dressed in black.

We know nothing else about this group, so let us know if you can help.


Photo 3 - Unknown Group of Men

By comparing photos of a similar age we have ascertained that the following may be correct:-

Top first on left: T. Sandland, 4th from left Thomas McWaters

Middle Row: 3rd from left Frank Treloar, 4th from left Philip Killicoat

Sitting: first on left John McLaren, 4th from left C.  A. Fuss 

As mentioned however, this is purely supposition on our part, hence if you can confirm or deny any of these names, we would appreciate it.


Photo 4 - Whitehart

This is a photo of one of the floods that have occurred in Burra.  The only information that we have is the label that was written on the back, which is "Whitehart". 

If you can shed some light on this photo, we would be appreciative.


Note:  If you require a larger copy of either photo to help you with the identification process, drop us a line and we'll e-mail a larger version to you.

More Information

  • Were your ancestors Chinese and settled in Burra?  Do you have any photos or stories to share about them?

  • Were your ancestors Germans and settled in Burra?  Do you have any photos or stories to share about them?

  • Can you tell us anything about the fire that occurred at S.M. Lane’s Saddler and Ironmonger shop?  We have photos of the event, but no information.

  • Do you have any photos to add to our collection?  Both new and old photos are always welcome.

  • Do you have any photos of:-

    •  Burra Grammar School? 

    • The Burra Presbyterian/Congregational Church?

  • Do you have any interesting anecdotes about life in Burra that you would like to share with us?

  • Can you help with family history information?  We have many people researching their Burra connections and help is always appreciated.

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", then please contact us.




If you are doing some research related to Burra or perhaps tracing your family history here and have a question that you would like to ask, then please email us with your questions and we will see if we can help.  Our Contact section, will advise you as to where your question is best directed. 




Items for sale at the Burra Library

The library has photos and a few other items for sale - $2.00 for A3 size photos and $1.00 for A4 size photos. 

If you are not able to visit the library, we can:-

  • send photos via mail;

  • send photos via e-mail or;

  • burn the photos onto CD.

In each instance, the same price per photo applies, plus of course postage if applicable.

There is also a selection of historic Burra cards for sale at $2.50 each or 5 for $10. 

Here are a few of the photos that we have for sale.  Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of the images shown throughout website, please let us know and we will advise if the relevant photo is available for purchase.

Burra Mine showing the Powder Magazine on the hill (1847)

Fool's Corner in 1905

Post Office in 1905

Market Square in World W
ar I

Bridge Street Bridge

Commercial Road North

EJ Harris shop front

Elders shop front

Bank of Australasia

Morehead Street

Opening Day of the Kooringa Methodist Church 25th March, 1914

Swing Bridge across the Burra Creek about 1920

Books / CDs on Burra history for Sale at the Burra Visitor Centre



Cornish Beam Engines in South Australia

C J Drew & J.E. Connell


Morphetts Enginehouse and Cornish Beam Engine

C J Drew


The Story Of The Monster Mine The Burra Burra Mine And Its Townships 1845-1877

Ian Auhl


Burra: A Photographic Journey

- Softcover

- Hardcover

Meredith Satchell and Eric Fuss




Australia’s Earliest Mining Era South Australia 1841-1851 Paintings by S.T.Gill, Rigby

Ian Auhl & Denis Marfleet


The foundling a tale of the Burra Burra Mine 

Mary Talbot Cross


Burra Sketchbook

Ian Auhl & Maurice Perry


In Cellar Cool – Unicorn Brewery Kooringa

Ian Auhl


The  Burra Institute the first 50 years




Summaries of the Burra Record 1876 - 1950 (CD is updated as another year of records is included.  Current edition - May, 2009).  This is an excellent resource for genealogists.

Eric Fuss