Historic Burra Photograph Display location and admission details:-



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Burra Town Hall, Market Street, Burra

Open daily 11am - 3pm (unless booked for funcitons)

Admission by donation

This display of historic Burra photographs dating from 1850 to 1930s was opened by Nancy Pearce on Saturday,10th December 2005 and is housed in the Supper Room at the Burra Town Hall in Market Street.

Nancy Pearce's great grandparents settled in Burra in 1848.  The Pearce family were very good at retaining Burra photographs and Nancy has given many photographs to the Burra History Group for scanning and copying.  The Burra Community Library and the Burra branch of the National Trust have also contributed many photographs along with several interested members of the community.

There are hundreds of photographs of Burra and district on display many with descriptive captions.

Copies may be ordered by contacting Meredith Satchell at burrahistory@aapt.net.au.

An example of the photographs in the display (without the detailed captions) are shown here. 

Burra Mine c 1850

Mine Pool, late 1800s

John Birkenhagen Rowe 1860-1948;  photo c 1918

Cottages in Market Square, c 1907

Commercial Street, early 1900s

Cheap Jack Stall, Market Square, WWI

Commercial Hotel, Commercial Street, c 1916

Commercial Street, c 1920s

End of Commercial Street, c 1920s

St Mary’s Anglican Church

St Joseph's Catholic Church

The Burra Institute, c 1930s