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If you read Burra history, or tour around the town, sooner or later you are likely to be told that the pioneers in the mid nineteenth century lived in groups dependent upon their place of origin.  Aberdeen was apparently favoured by the Scots, Redruth (with its Cornish street names) was home to the Cornish and Llwchwr was obviously a Welsh settlement.  On the same logic Hampton would have been English.  No one seems to have decided on the composition of Kooringa; the Aboriginal origin of its name apparently offering no help in this regard.

I have long thought these claims to be false, but actual evidence is not so easy to get.  One way of getting some data is to get a list of births in the respective towns for the mining period and then to try to discover the place of birth of the father.  (Mothers pose another range of complications.)  The registration of births in SA makes it reasonably easy to build the initial list.  The origin of the fathers can then be obtained from family researchers through Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-85.  Others sources such as family histories and newspaper obituaries may add to this information.  The data has been selected for the period 1845-69 because in 1869 underground working at the mine ceased for the conversion of operations to open cut.  Virtually all employment of miners ceased for this conversion.

Even where no hard information is available it seems fairly reasonable to label the German migrants on the basis of names, when they are of the nature of August Heinrich Eichler, married to Augusta Hermine Bartholomew and naming their child Adolph Carl.  A few Irish and Scottish names also stand out, but they need to be treated with more caution given movements of people within the UK.

As a start the following lists have identified sufficient fathers to show that the myth about settlers’ origins is false.  The evidence concerning Llwchwr is particularly striking.  It would be very helpful if we could get more evidence about the fathers whose origins remain unknown or doubtful.

If you can help in this way please let us know by sending us an e-mail.  Don't forget to cite the source of your information. 

Thank you.

Eric Fuss 



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Families 1854-1869





Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Bickley, John

Stanning, Harriet

Bickley, Amos

10 Sep 1857


Bown, Edmund

Martin, Rebecca

Bown, Emily

20 Dec 1858


Brown, George

Gray, Catherine

Brown, William John Grey

25 Oct 1862


Brown, Thomas

Brook, Agnes

Brown, Agnes

29 Sep 1857


Brown, Thomas

McEvoy, Margaret

Brown, Ann

29 Sep 1859


Campbell, Murdock McLean

Wall, Matilda

Campbell, Emily

19 May 1858


Coombe, Nicholas

Hilman, Mary

Coombe, John

10 Jul 1859


Davey, Richard Henry

Whitford, Lavinia

Davey, Charles Henry

1 Nov 1863


Davey, William Barratt

Whitford, Ellen

Davey, Johanna

24 May 1866


Dix, William

George, Katherine

Dix, Francis George

23 Apr 1862


Easterbrook, John

Thomas, Elizabeth

Easterbrook, William John

4 Sep 1859


Finch, William

Tozer, Sarah

Finch, Mary Jane

16 Jul 1860


Fitzgerald, John

Sullivan, Ann

Fitzgerald, Edmund

10 Oct 1862

Ireland likely

Gentle, James

Foley, Biddy

Gentle, Joseph

27 Feb 1865


Goldsworthy, Richard

Magor, Jane

Goldsworthy, Richard

16 Jul 1854

Many Goldsworthys were Cornish

Green, Henry

Corck, Elizabeth

Green, Emma Catherine

25 Oct 1862


Hart, Henry

Robinson, Elizabeth

Hart, Thomas

10 Dec 1869


Hayes, John

Keef, Margaret

Hayes, William

26 Jul 1857

Probably Ireland

Hendry, James

Dunn, Margaret

Hendry, Catherine Ellen

7 Feb 1864


Hendy, Nicholas

Phillips, Jane

Hendy, Matilda

29 Jul 1857


Johns, James

Moyle, Jane

Johns, John

6 Oct 1859


Lamb, James Gilbert

James, Johanna

Lamb, James Gilbert

17 Dec 1856


Ledan, George

Fentrill, Mary

Ledan, Henry

13 Jun 1861


Lenn, Thomas

Price, Elizabeth

Lenn, Charles Thomas

4 Feb 1866


Lowe, George Richard

Reid, Jane

Lowe, Ellen

6 Aug 1860


Mann, James

Armstrong, Ann

Mann, William

7 Feb 1868


Miners, William

Temby, Mary

Miners, Mary Ellen

27 Jun 1860

Probably Cornwall

Nutter, James

Lowe, Hannah

Nutter, Louisa

16 May 1857


Olds, James

Chappel, Christiana

Olds, James

8 Aug 1860


Pellew, Edward

Brokenshire, Susan

Pellew, Susan Jane

2 Sep 1866


Pickford, James

Cooper, Margaret

Pickford, James Edward

27 Mar 1867


Preece, Benjamin

Jones, Hannah

Preece, Benjamin Arthur

21 Jun 1856


Pryor, James

Rasdell, Charlotte

Pryor, Wilhelmina Jane

28 Nov 1856


Rankine, David

Morrison, Mary

Rankine, Mary

25 Jun 1857

Probably Scotland

Retaleck, Richard John

Rosewall, Eliza

Retaleck, Richard John

30 Aug 1860


Robinson, George

Ayliffe, Rose

Robinson, William Henry

13 Sep 1856


Robinson, John

O’Rafferty, Mary Ann

Robinson, Mary Ann

14 Oct 1865


Saunders, James

Hodges, Mary

Saunders, Joseph

11 Mar 1958

Almost certainly Cornwall

Scott, Archibald

Donald, Rebecca

Scott, Alexander

13 Feb 1857


Shore, William

Counsel, Margaret

Shore, Joseph

7 Jul 1858


Simpson, Joseph

Iddison, Mary Ann

Simpson, James

11 Apr 1860


Sleeman, Jonathon

Smith, Mary

Sleeman, Mary

20 Mar 1867


Smith, James

Cocks, Esther

Smith, Rosealla

6 Aug 1856


Smith, Richard

Marten, Mary

Smith, Mary

20 Dec 1859


Tazicker, Leonard

Taylor, Phebe

Tazicker, Thomas

18 Aug 1866


Wallis, Robert

Trudgeon, Jane

Wallis, Robert

10 Sep 1856


Walls, Matthew

Thomas, Emma

Walls, Emma

15 Apr 1857


Ward, William

Daly, Susan

Ward, Jeremiah

23 Sep 1859


Williams, James

Willoughby, Ann

Williams, Rose Harriet

16 Jul 1858


Williams, John

Sydel, Christiana

Williams, Jacob

19 Jun 1862


Williams, Joseph

Stephens, Eliza

Williams, Eliza Jane

14 Dec 1858


Young, Thomas

Checcucci, Lydia Mary

Young, Henery Hawkins Checcucci

9 May 1866




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Families 1857-1869





Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Liddicoat, John

Hawkin, Gertrude

Liddicoat, Gertrude

23 Sep 1857


Bartholomaeus, August Heinrich

Eichler, Wilhelmine Johanne

Bartholomaeus, Johanne Caroline Henrietta

9 Oct 1857

Hanover, Germany

Bevan, Robert

Davies, Elizabeth

Bevan, William John

9 Oct 1857


Muller, August George Christian

Bartholomew, Lucetta Augusta

Muller, Adolph Charles

17 Feb 1858

Germany is likely

Sampson, Samuel

Williams, Margaret

Sampson, Joseph

19 May 1858


Jones, Samuel

Rees, Catharine

Jones, Catharine

6 Jul 1858


Thomas, David

Hopkins, Sarah

Thomas, Sarah Ann

27 Feb 1859


Jones, Evan

Lewis, Ann

Jones, John

13 Mar 1859


Rogers, David

Vivian, Elizabeth

Rogers, William

13 Apr 1859


Selleck, William

Condron, Bridget

Selleck, William Edward

7 Jul 1859


Lampey, Henry John

Green, Susannah

Lampey, Susan Annah Elizabeth

2 Aug 1859


Johns, James

Thomas, Jane

Johns, Thomas

25 Sep 1859


Dolman, John

Hoskin, Elizabeth

Dolman, George Henry

1 Oct 1859


Scott, Thomas

Armstrong, Catherine

Scott, William Thomas

10 Mar 1860


Peters, Thomas

Reynolds, Mary Jane

Peters, Eliza

16 Jun 1860


Griffiths, John

Jones, Sarah Barber

Griffiths, John Barber

14 Jul 1860


Symons, James

Pascoe, Matilda

Symons, William James

20 Jul 1860


Jeffery, Josiah

Gun, Grace

Jeffery, Catherine Jane

5 Aug 1860


Clements, John

Murphy, Hannah

Clements, Mary Ann

6 Feb 1861


Bollmann, Christopher

Wilson, Emma

Bollmann, Christopher

14 Mar 1861


Polglase, John

Hoskin, Mary

Polglase, John Henry

8 Feb 1862

Cornwall is likely

MacKeney, Thomas

Stow, Susannah

McKeney, Mary Grace

24 Mar 1862


Wallis, Robert

Trudgeon, Jane

Wallis, Hannah Maria

9 Jul 1862


Whitbread, William

Meage, Bridget

Whitbread, James

9 Jul 1862


Reynolds, Richard

Williams, Mary

Reynolds, Charles

22 Sep 1862


Clement, John

Murphey, Honora

Clement, William

13 Feb 1863

Possibly Wales

Williams, Richard

Trezona, Nanny

Williams, Hannah Jane

3 Oct 1863


Bewley, Thomas

Newman, Sophia Catherine

Bewley, George Thomas

1 Jul 1864


Turner, Joshua

Dix, Annie Marie

Turner, Hannah Maria

25 Mar 1865


Coleman, David

Mapplesden, Ann Selina

Coleman, Ann

23 Apr 1865


Fuss, Herman

Bosence, Matilda

Fuss, Frederick

15 Sep 1866

Hanover, Germany

Cullen, James

Griffiths, Adelaide Barbara

Cullen, James

29 Jan 1867


Lock, Joseph

Hill, Sarah

Lock, Elizabeth Ann

18 Apr 1867


Edwards, Richard

Goldsworthy, Mary Jane

Edwards, Susan Jane

14 Mar 1868


Bertram, Carl

Bertram, Henrietta

Bertram, Caroline

26 Oct 1868

Germany likely

Leaver, William

Cullen, Amelia

Leaver, Amelia

25 Dec 1868


Lillywhite, Albert David

Cox, Elizabeth Ann

Lillywhite, Fanny Ida

7 Jan 1869


Villis, William

Heffernon, Mary

Villis, Alfred

11 Aug 1869




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Families 1854-1869




Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Baker, Samuel

Edwards, Ann

Baker, Jane

12 Sep 1865


Fuss, Wilhelm

Lutz, Frederica

Charles August

18 Feb 1857

Hanover, Germany

James, Elias

Edwards, Elizabeth

James, Elias

29 Nov 1863


Oppermann, Martin
(August Christian Martin)

Heberle, Johanna Ernestina Julianna

Oppermann, August Otto Ferdinand

17 Sep 1861


Parker, Joseph

Skewes, Mary

Parker, Mary

19 Mar 1859


Pearce, Henry

Mosey, Sarah

Pearce, Thirza

28 Apr 1868

Cornwall or Devon

Skewes, Richard

Stephens, Elizabeth

Skewes, Richard

1 Mar 1860

Cornwall is likely

Summers, Henry

Lambert, Charlotte

Summers, Elizabeth

15 Apr 1857


Thomas, Rees

Edwards, Mary

Thomas, Mary Ann

7 May 1857

Wales is likely



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Families 1858-1868





Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Bennetts, Gilbert

Sullivan, Mary

Bennetts, Ann

1 Aug 1859


Davey, William Barett

Whitford, Ellen

Davey, Mary Ann

6 Apr 1861


Edwards, Martin

Reseigh, Rebecca

Edwards, Montgomery

8 Nov 1859


Eisler, August

Bartholomew, Augusta

Eisler, Emma

22 July 1860

Germany is likely

Hirschausen, William (or Herschausen)

Bertram, Augustine

Hirschausen, Torethre Fredericke Augustine

15 May 1864


Johnson, Thomas

Howlet, Mary

Johnson, Thomas

14 Jul 1865


Langton, John

Callow, Catharine

Langton, Robert John

14 Feb 1861


Limer, George

Cowleshaw, Mary

Limer, George Francis

5 Jun 1859


McCarthy, John

Burke, Ann

McCarthy, Mary Ann

29 Dec 1858


Miller, George Francis

Short, Tabitha

Miller, Joseph George Francis

22 May 1861


Moon, Nicholas

Monday, Mary Ann

Moon, Mary Jane

16 Feb 1861


Prior, Edward

Mitchell, Mary

Prior, Edward

2 Sep 1868


Sincock, John

Stevens, Jane

Sincock, Mary Jane

18 Jan 1860


Tiver, Charles

Leyson, Caroline

Tiver, Caroline

19 Jul 1868


Trezona, James

Tonkin, Sally

Trezona, John James

19 May 1860

Cornwall is likely

Wahlert, Carl

Dix, Caroline

Wahlert, Eliza

22 Sep 1864

Hanover, Germany



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Families 1857-1864





Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Davey, Richard

Williams, Eliza

Davey, Joseph

7 Jul 1858

Probably Cornwall

Dunstan, John

Williams, Susan

Dunstan, Nanny

30 Jun 1858


Sandow, William

Symons, Jane

Sandow, Josiah

6 Nov 1864


Woollacott, William

Williams, Mary

Woollacott, Alice Williams

4 Aug 1857




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Families 1853-1869





Date of Birth

Father’s Place of Birth

Allen, Henry

Bertram, Ann

Allen, James Henry

24 Sep 1862


Andrewartha, Richard

Williams, Elizabeth

Andrewartha, Richard

13 Aug 1858


Andrews, Charles

Aish, Sarah Jane

Andrews, William Thomas

26 Mar 1865


Bache, Joseph

Walker, Jane

Bache, Walter Visick

19 Jun 1864


Baird, James

Nolan, Catherine

Baird, Lucinda

2 Sep 1860


Baker, Samuel

Edwards, Ann

Baker, Mary Ann

19 Dec 1863

SA (Father came on Buffalo)

Bartholomaeus, August

Eichler, Wilhelmina

Bartholomaeus, Henrietta Augusta

28 Jun 1865

Hanover, Germany

Bartholomaeus, William John Frederick

Meyer, Sophie Augusta Caroline

Bartholomaeus, Alfred Charles Adolph

14 Oct 1857


Beal, John

Sanders, Ann

Beal, Catherine

25 Nov 1863


Beard, James

Nolan, Caroline

Beard, James Thomas

10 Apr 1858


Beckwith, John

Cochram, Elizabeth Frances (Cockrum)

Beckwith, John William

10 Jun 1857

Wife came from Devonshire

Bennett, Nicholas Dunstan

Berriman, Elizabeth Jane

Bennett, Augustus Dunstan

27 Aug 1860


Bertram, John

Bertram, Henrietta

Bertram, John

21 Jan 1866

Most are German

Best, Thomas

Cock, Elizabeth

Best, Mary

28 Jan 1862


Bitscher, Henry

Gillich, Bessie

Bitscher, Henry

15 Dec 1859


Boetger, Henry

Gillick, Bessie

Boetger, Ludwig

8 Sep 1858


Botheras, Thomas

Trahair, Lucinda

Botheras, Elizabeth Emily

6 Aug 1858


Boundy, William

Driscoo/Driscoll, Kate (Driskell)

Boundy, William Driscoo

20 Sep 1860


Bown, Edmund

Martin, Rebecca

Bown, Sarah

9 Jun 1861


Box, Thomas Sturm

Archer, Susannah

Box, Frederick Archer

23 June 1858

Others came from Yorkshire

Brady, Thomas

Williams, Elizabeth Ann

Brady, Lucinda

22 Sep 1869


Brown, George

Grey, Catherine

Brown, George

14 Jun 1861


Brown, Thomas

Casy, Rosanna

Brown, George

10 Feb 1862


Burrowes, Benjamin

Reed, Agnes

Burrowes, Amy Elizabeth

13 Sep 1861


Campbell, Charles

Wilson, Mary Ann

Campbell, John Stuart

6 Dec 1856


Carvosso, William

Lamb, Ellen

Carvosso, Florence

26 Dec 1869

Cornwall is likely

Cast, Frederick

Miller, Caroline

Cast, Johanna

9 Jan 1863


Chant, Thomas

Russ, Lucy

Chant, Elizabeth

10 Oct 1860


Coglin, William Francis

Turnbull, Ann Compton

Coglin, Helena Henrietta

25 Apr 1863


Cole, Aaron

Barlow, Mary Ann

Cole, George

21 Dec 1857


Cormick, Michael

Sheedy, Julian

Cormick, Patrick

22 Sep 1856


Crouch, Robert

Williams, Ann

Croucch, Robert William

22 Feb 1861


Cudlip, John Share

O’Sullivan, Ellen Teresa

Cudlip, Francis Xavier

4 Dec 1858

Ireland is possible

Dale, William

Parkinson, Elizabeth

Dale, Ann

2 Jul 1858


Davey, John

Sampson, Mary

Davey, Bessie

15 Sep 1866


Davey, Richard

Williams, Eliza

Davey, Elizabeth

22 Sep 1860

Cornwall is likely

Davey, Richard Henry

Whitford, Lavinia

Davey, Richard Henry

5 Dec 1864


Davey, William Barrett

Whitford, Ellen

Davey, William Barrett

27 Dec 1859


Davies, John Henry

Talbut, Margaret

Davies, John Henry

28 Feb 1859


Dawson, John

Sandow, Caroline

Dawson, John

8 Jun 1859


Dennis, James

Cronin, Mary Ann

Dennis, Maria

11 Apr 1864

Cork, Ireland

Develaing, William

Ballantyne, Catherene

Develaing, Mary

10 Feb 1866


Dewson, Isaac

Armsby, Lorina

Dewson, William

17 Jan 1857


Diplock, Ephraim

Kissell, Grace

Diplock, Mary Jane

30 Jan 1853


Duggan, William

Wall, Ann

Duggan, Frances

14 Jun 1858


Edmunds, Henry

Leaver, Mary Ann

Edmunds, Eliza Ann

22 Jan 1859


Edwards, David

Jones, Mary Ann

Edwards, David John

15 Jan 1862


Edwards, George

Griffiths, Ann

Edwards, Thomas

21 Apr 1858


Edwards, William

Williams, Emma

Edwards, Mary Jane

5 Dec 1865


Eichler, August Heinrich

Batholomew, Augusta Hermine

Eichler, Adolph Carl Heinrich

15 Aug 1858

Germany is likely

Evans, Bonham Caldwall

Daniel, Mary Ann Walford

Evans, Clara Caldwall

6 Jun 1859


Evans, Edward

Foggarty, Ann

Evans, Elizabeth

10 Nov 1857


Evans, George

Summers, Sarah

Evans, John

15 Aug 1859

Wales is likely

Evans, John

Jones, Catherine

Evans, Elizabeth

17 Feb 1860


Ferguson, James

Anderson, Barbara

Ferguson, Margaret Jane Barbara

6 Oct 1857


Fiedler, Henry

Knor, Johanna

Fiedler, Henry Albert

16 Dec 1856

Prussia, Germany

Fitzgerald, James

Dolan, Margaret

Fitzgerald, Margaret

10 Apr 1863

Cork, Ireland

Fitzgerald, John

Sullivan, Ann

Fitzgerald, William

29 Jul 1860

Ireland is likely

Floyd, Henry

Jones, Mary

Floyd, Frances

22 Feb 1860


Forder, Augustus H.

Mayn, Asenath Jane

Forder, Samuel Frederick

17 Mar 1858


Foy, John

Campbell, Sarah

Foy, Rose Ann

12 Dec 1867


Frick, Henry

Dreyer, Augusta

Frick, Amelia

9 Dec 1861


Gentle, James

Fowly/Foley, Biddy

Gentle, Herbert

2 Jan 1861


Gilbert, Samuel

Bryor, Mary Ann (Pryor?)

Gilbert, Samuel

1 Apr 1860


Gillis, Joseph

Mitchell, Eliza

Gillis, Joseph

5 May 1859


Godson, William

Hill, Jane

Godson, Ann

19 Apr 1861


Gough, Edwin Francis

Duffield, Jane

Gough, Mary Jane

3 Feb 1860


Graefe, Edward Henry

Bock, Elizabeth

Graefe, Antonio

6 Nov 1864

Germany is likely

Green, Henry

Cork, Elizabeth

Green, Richard James

16 May 1859


Grenfell, Abel

Cook, Sarah

Grenfell, Elizabeth, Cook

11 Dec 1859


Griffiths, John

Prosser, Ann

Griffiths, Susannah

24 Jul 1857


Griffiths, John

Jones, Sarah Barber

Griffiths, Mary Ann Barber

15 Mar 1858

Swansea, Wales

Grimstead, James

Symes, Mary

Grimstead, Margaret

30 Jul 1864


Gubbins, Thomas

Torr, Elizabeth

Gubbins, James

6 Nov 1856


Gwillim, David

David, Ruth

Gwillim, Margaret

25 Aug 1856

Brecknockshire, Wales

Haldane, William

Blackwood, Margaret

Haldan, Jennet

12 Jul 1856

Ayrshire, Scotland

Hall, John

Rosewall, Ann

Hall, Joseph William

5 Oct 1860


Hall, Samuel

Stevens, Jane

Hall, Rebecca Jane

19 Sep 1858


Hanford, William

Kingdon, Elizabeth

Hanford, Thirza

7 Aug 1857


Harman, David James

Harvey, nee Davey, Eliza

Harman, David James

24 Mar 1869


Harry, Griffith

Jones, Ann

Harry, Margaret

19 Nov 1860


Harry, John

Boye, Mary

Harry, William Frederick

6 May 1865


Hartel, Johann

Piltz, Caroline

Hartel, John Edward

24 Sep 1858

Germany is likely

Harvey, Owen

Byrns, Mary

Harvey, Anne Theresa

27 Nov 1860

Cavan, Ireland

Hawke, William

Nicholls, Eliza

Hawke, Sarah Jane

7 Jul 1861


Heberle, Carl
(Henry Charles Christian)

Pilz, Caroline

Heberle, Wilhelm Heinrich Carl

22 Sep 1859

Germany is likely

Herara, Martin

Dunn, Margaret

Herara, Francis Thomas

1 Nov 1856


Higgins, Hugh

Carolin, Jane

Higgins, William Charles

1 Feb 1859

Wicklow, Ireland

Hirschausen, Henry

Selle, Annie

Hirschausen, August

6 Apr 1861


Hirschausen, William (Hershausn)

Bertram, Augusta

Hirschausen, William

20 May 1860

Germany is likely

Hocking, John

Whitford, Mary Ann

Hocking, Harriet

18 Apr 1867


Hocking, Jonathon

Goldsworthy, Elizabeth

Hocking, Sarah

25 May 1859


Holland, John

Giles, Minerva Java

Holland, Sarah Jane

14 Oct 1864


Hopkins, Robert

Coats, Temperance

Hopkins, Catherine Sarah

28 Oct 1863


Ibbetson, Denzil John Holt

Guilding, Clarissa

Ibbetson, Arthur Browne

11 Feb 1859


James, Henry

Morris, Ellen

James, John

4 May 1858


James, Henry

Wallace, Ellen

James, Margaret

22 Dec 1860


James, Stapleton

Norrell, Mary

James, Clarissa

1 Mar 1857


James, William

Reece, Eliza

James, Evan

9 Sep 1856


Jefferies, James

Swift, Mary Ann

Jefferies, Thomas Henry

14 May 1858


Jeffery, William

Toy, Mary

Jeffery, William

27 Feb 1864

Probably Cornwall

Jenkin(s), Jeremiah

Thomson, Margaret

Jenkin, William

23 Apr 1857


Jenkins, William

Williams, Sarah

Jenkins, David

6 Sep 1857


Johns, James

Moyle, Jane

Johns, Emily Jane

16 Nov 1860

Cornwall is possible

Johnson, Thomas

Howlett, Mary

Johnson, Jane Elizabeth

27 Aug 1859


Jones, Evan

Lewis, Ann

Jones, Sarah Ann

 28 Feb 1857


Keam, James

Hawke, Eliza

Keam, John

3 Nov 1857


Kewley, Robert

Davis, Eliza

Kewley, Florence

1 Dec 1866


Killicoat, John

Nolan, Mary Ann

Killicoat, Isaac

8 Aug 1863


Killicoat, William

Mitchell, Angelina

Killicoat, Paul Mitchell

13 Oct 1865


Kimber, Charles

Nankervis, Maria

Kimber, Henry

20 July 1857


Leyson, Joseph

Llewellyn, Ruth

Leyson, Janes Frances

14 May 1869

Monmouthshire, Wales

Lott, Adolph August Wilhelm

Heberle, Auguste Julie

Lott, Hugo Heinrich Louis

21 Jul 1857


Lowe, George Richard

Reed, Jane

Lowe, Annie Blanche

2 Apr 1858


Lowe, Wilhelm

Dunert, Charlotte

Lowe, Carl Lui

29 Oct 1857

Probably Germany

Lynch, John

Morgan, Jennette

Lynch, David

13 Jun 1856


MacBride, Robert

Cashan, Catherine

MacBride, James

15 Oct 1861


MacNamara, David

Slattery, Elizabeth

MacNamara, Catherine

4 Sep 1864

Ireland is likely

Magor, Henry

Manley, Nanny

Magor, John Henry

29 Aug 1853

Cornwall or Devon

Mallon, Thomas

Cronin, Julia

Mallon, John Francis

26 Apr 1862


Malone, Lawrence

Mitchell, Mary

Malone, Mary

13 Dec 1859


Mayo, William

Donehay, Margaret

Mayo, Alice Eliza

30 Sep 1868


McBride, Robert

Hearne, Catherine

McBride, John Thomas

21 Jan 1867

Ireland is likely

McEwen, James

Halls, Sarah Elizabeth

McEwen, Alice

6 Apr 1866


McKeever, Michael Jehove

Woollacott, Martha

McKeever, Elizabeth Mary

28 Oct 1865


Meehan, Daniel

Ward, Bedelia

Meehan, John

24 Jan 1862


Meyer, August

Saville, Jemima

Meyer, Margaret Elizabeth

20 Oct 1858

Germany is possible

Miller, Rudolph
(Muller, Rudolph August Julius)

Crocker, Mary Jane

Miller, Mary Jane

14 Jun 1865

Hanover, Germany

Miller, William

Ronge, Elina

Miller, Louis Otto

27 Sep 1858

Germany is likely

Moloney, Laurence

Mitchell, Mary

Moloney, Ann

25 Apr 1861

Probably Clare, Ireland

Moon, Nicholas

Monday, Mary Ann

Moon, Albert

5 Feb 1866


Moran, John

Brien, Mary

Moran, Mary

21 Oct 1855


Morris, John

Thomas, Mary

Morris, John

2 Jan 1858


Morris, Stephen

Mael, Emma

Morris, James

22 Oct 1869


Morris, Thomas

Evans, Catharine

Morris, George

25 Jul 1857


Mugge, Julius Fridrick/Frederich Edward

Thanert, Henriette Fridericke Augusta

Mugge, Emma Johanna Hermiene

11 Aug 1857

Perhaps Switzerland


Runge, Eliza

Muller, Wilhelm Eugen

22 Oct 1861

Germany is likely

Nankervis, Henry

Bentley, Rosetta Ann

Nankervis, John

30 Oct 1858


Nathary, John

Nolan, Ellen

Nathary, John James

20 Jul 1859


Neil, John

Clune, Mary

Neil, Patrick

26 Apr 1859

Ireland is likely

Nettleton, William

Kendal, Susanna

Nettleton, Rosa

9 Mar 1860


Neville(s), James

Welsh, Elizabeth

Neville, Mary Ann

9 Feb 1861


Nevin, William

Cery, Catherine
(Searey, Caroline)

Nevin, James

22 Oct 1865


Nolan, John

Hogan, Catherine

Nolan, Agnes

20 Jul 1863

Ireland is likely

O’Hearn, Morish
(O’Herne, Morris)

Casey, Mary

O’Hearn, Catharine

26 Jun 1857

Ireland is likely

O’Leary, Cornelius

Levett, Mary

O’Leary, Cornelius Levett

8 Sep 1866

Ireland is likely

Olds, James

Chapel, Christiana

Olds, Eliza Ellen

24 Mar 1857


Opie, Nicholas

Paynter, Eleanor

Opie, Percilla

14 Aug 1857


Oppermann, August Christian Martin

Heberle, Ernestine Juliane Wilhelmine Johanne

Oppermann, Freidrich Christian Carl

5 Sep 1859


Oppermann, Carl
(George Christian Carl)

Heberle, Auguste (Auguste Emilie Henriette Georgine)

Oppermann, Alfred Otto

28 Feb 1858


Oram, James

Foot, Mary Ann

Oram, Elizabeth Ann

10 Oct 1856


Pascoe, Edward

MacDonald nee Grant, Jane

Pascoe, Margaret

30 Oct 1863


Pascoe, John

Kissell, Caroline

Pascoe, Esther Jane

18 Jan 1859


Peard, John

Malone, Mary

Peard, John

24 Aug 1858


Perry, Thomas

Jay, Louisa

Perry, Malvina Annetta

12 Dec 1853


Phillips, William

Harvey, Catherine

Phillips, John

23 Sep 1863


Pickford, James

Cooper, Margaret

Pickford, Ellen Anna

2 Oct 1863


Pilkington, William

Sheay, Ann

Pilkington, Bridget

3 Dec 1857

Clare, Ireland

Pilz, Henry (Heinrich)

Eichler, Auguste

Pilz, Anna

20 Jan 1863

Germany is likely

Potter, John

Lethbridge, Mary Jane

Potter, Francis Thomas

23 Sep 1866


Potts, Robert

Haldane, Elizabeth

Potts, William Haldane

17 Jul 1856


Prior, Edward

Mitchell, Mary

Prior, Mary Ann

4 Aug 1861


Prior, William

Snow, Mary Ann

Prior, Elizabeth Helen

15 Jan 1867


Prosser, Edward

Jenkins, Sarah

Prosser, Edward

14 Mar 1859


Prosser, John

Dennis, Elizabeth

Prosser, Mary

24 Jun 1858


Prouse, Charles

Nicholls, Elizabeth Jane

Prouse, Mary Jane

22 Sep 1859


Pryor, Joseph Birt

Thomas, Frances

Pryor, William Thomas

29 July 1860


Putt, James

Shannon, Ann

Putt, Mary Grace

22 Jun 1866


Richards, John

Prior, Grace

Richards, William John

24 Dec 1861


Richardson, Joseph

Newborn, Clarissa

Richardson, Jessie

13 May 1868


Richmond, John Whiffing

Lynch, Honora

Richmond, Thomas

4 Feb 1869


Riley, John


Riley, Elizabeth

8 Sep 1858

Ireland is likely

Roberts, James

Hall, Emily Susan

Roberts, James

2 Sep 1858


Roberts, Matthew

Hannon, Bridget

Roberts, Thomas

24 Aug 1861


Robertson, John

O’Rafferty, Mary Ann

Robertson, JosephWilliam

14 Mar 1861


Robinson, Thomas,

Simpson, Maria Ann

Robinson, John

30 Jul 1869


Rosenberg, Julius

Hulbert, Josephine

Rosenberg, Mark

30 Nov 1860


Rule, James

Bellman, Sophia

Rule, Mary Sophia

31 Dec 1862

Many other Rules were Cornish

Ryan, John

O’Brien, Catherine

Ryan, Ellen

20 Jul 1860

Ireland is likely

Ryan, William

Keardon, Ann

Ryan, Bridget

4 Mar 1869

Ireland is likely

Sandow, William

Simons, Jane

Sandow, William Francis

7 April 1862


Schmidt, Johann August

Muscrew, Mary

Schmidt, August Frederick

15 Dec 1863


Schuller, Herman Berthold Albert

Franke, Ernestine Caroline

Schuller, Charles Frederick August

14 Aug 1869

Prussia, Germany

Schwoon, John

Flaherty, Mary

Schwoon, John

17 Jul 1859


Scott, James

Fleming, Janet

Scott, Alexander

3 Aug 1861


Scott, Thomas Frederick

Armstrong, Catherine

Scott, Mary Ann

27 Jan 1862


Seller, Frederick

Flannigan, Johanna

Seller, Alice

19 Aug 1860


Shaw, John

Peattie, Margaret

Shaw, Janet, Elizabeth

25 Oct 1866

Scotland is likely

Sincock, John

Stephens, Jane

Sincock, Henry

1 Jul 1866


Skewes, John

May, Susannah

Skewes, Samuel Richard

6 Jul 1856

Other Skewes are Cornish

Skewes, Richard

Stephens, Elizabeth

Skewes, John Stevens

24 Oct 1855

Probably Cornish

Sleeman, Johnathon

Smith, Mary

Sleeman, James

5 Feb 1866


Smelt, Charles

Doorne, Jane

Smelt, Jane Drayson

23 Aug 1866


Smith, Aaron

Walker, Elizabeth

Smith, Emily Thirza

7 Mar 1860


Smith, John George

Matthews, Jane

Smith, John George

31 May 1857


Smith, William

Johnston, Ellen

Smith, Samuel

23 Sep 1866


Smith, William

Nixon, Mary Jane

Smith, James

16 May 1857


Stolte, August

Busch, Augusta

Stolte, Augusta Emily

19 Oct 1859

Germany is likely

Sullivan, William

Lynch, Mary

Sullivan, Michael

23 Apr 1859

Ireland is likely

Symons, John

Stephens nee Budge, Prudence

Symons, Ann Selina

27 Jun 1863

Cornwall is likely

Talbot, Thomas

Barnett, Eliza

Talbot, John

16 Mar 1865

Wiltshire is very likely
Wife from there & they migrated when married

Thomas, James

Pengilly, Mary

Thomas, William Steven

17 Mar 1866


Thomas, John

Grey, Elizabeth Ann

Thomas, Charles

6 Oct 1865


Thomas, John

Thomas, Mary

Thomas, Henry

7 Oct 1863


Thomas, Orland Courtnay

Pascoe, Hannah

Thomas, Harriet Jane Pascoe

12 Aug 1856


Thomas, Rees

Edwards, Mary

Thomas, Mary Ann

16 Jun 1866

Probably Wales

Thompson, John

Matthews, Grace

Thompson, Catherine

7 Aug 1857

Probably Devonshire

Tiver, Charles

Leyson, Caroline

Tiver, Rebecca Leyson

21 May 1865


Tiver, James

Price, Emma

Tiver, Mary Ann

28 Sep 1859


Tonkin, John

Abbit, Sarah

Tonkin, Charles

6 Aug 1859

Cornwall is likely

Tonkin, John Rowe

Mitchell, Elizabeth

Tonkin, John

28 Apr 1859


Topperwein, Henry
Tepperwien, Henry

Bremer, Dorothea

Tepperwien, Adolph Gustave

14 May 1858


Torr, John

Green, Ann

Torr, David

5 Apr 1859

Devon is likely

Trelease, William

Rowe, Elizabeth Ann

Trelease, John Rowe

19 Mar 1859


Trembath, James

Munro, Elizabeth

Trembath, Elizabeth Jane

15 Aug 1857

Probably Cornwall

Trudgeon, William

Foster, Mary Jane

Trudgeon, Mary Ellen

9 Mar 1862

Other Trudgens come from Cornwall

Wade, Christopher

Hillyard, Jemima

Wade, Mary Ann

9 Dec 1860

Northern Ireland

Wahlert, Charles

Dix, Caroline

Wahlert, Augusta

21 May 1862

Hanover, Germany

Warren, John Rogers

Hampton, Martha

Warren, Sydney Hampton

21 Feb 1859


Warren, Richard

Waters, Maria

Warren, Elizabeth Ann

19 Sep 1858


Waters, Henry

Roberts, Elizabeth Ann

Waters, Emmanuel Roberts

2 Nov 1861


Way, Walter

Wilson, Emma

Way, George

16 Jun 1864


West, William

Joiner, Frances

West, William Charles Leonard

2 May 1860


Whitford, Richard

Matthews, Emma

Whitford, Emma Josepha

11 May 1860

Probably Devon, Possibly Cornwall

Williams, Christopher

Whitford, Eliza Anne

Williams, Elizabeth

17 Oct 1863


Williams, David

Williams, Mary

Williams, Mary Ann

13 Aug 1857


Williams, John

McCrae, Ann

Williams, Eliza

29 Jun 1860


Williams, Joseph

Stephens, Eliza

Williams, Thomas James

5 Jun 1864


Wills, Francis

Steel, Bertha Bardsley

Wills, Francis Charles

5 Apr 1858


Wills, James Henry

Conibear, Lavinia Gillett

Wills, Samuel James

3 Dec 1859


Young, John

Tarrant, Ann

Young, Sarah Ann

30 Oct 1860