After many years of neglect, the Burra Railway Station was restored between 2011 and 2014.

The wonderful Roy Taplin who was instrumental in the restoration of the Town Hall, was the project manager. 

The station was in a dreadful state when Roy begain working on the mammoth task.  Work required included:-

  • Replacement of floor boards and joints eaten by termites.

  • Replacement of some roof trusses.

  • Salt damp treatment.

  • Repairs resulting from termite damage to ceilings, window frames etc.

  • Reconnection and replacement of electrical wiring and water supply.

  • Extensive repair of walls and replacement of some ceilings.

  • Internal and external painting of the entire building.

Roy was assisted by a number of volunteers. Tradesmen were employed to replace necessary parts of roofing timbers and the corrugated iron as well as to attend to the electrical and plumbing work and some of the plastering, painting and a variety of other tasks.

Below are a selection of photos of some of the restoration work in progress. 

Station front

The floor in the former refreshment room


The work begins!

Flooring work in the entrance

Entry hall before new ceiling

New beams being installed in the entry hall

Entry hall after new ceiling

The roof prior to it being replaced

East side of the station prior to being re-roofed

West side of the station prior to being re-roofed

West side of the station roof being worked on

East side of the station after new roof installed

West side after new roof installed

The station after roof work has been completed